Get Fit, Meet Moms, Have Fun!

Strollers In Motion is a stroller-based workout for moms and caregivers with little ones. Each 45-minute, total body workout incorporates power walking and strolling, strength training, balance work, and toning. Strollers In Motion is an awesome way for moms to get fit and meet other moms all while having fun with her little one!

Working out with your child promotes healthy habits and sets a great example for your little onlooker. Plus, you'll meet other moms who also enjoy active lifestyles.

HeLPing Moms Stay Fit

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Moms and caregivers are busy people! That's why working out WITH your child can fit into any schedule!

Strollers in Motion uses your stroller as a tool for your workout. There's no scary weight room: just you, your kiddo, and your stroller!